Salsa Experience

04 Feb

My personal salsa experience is that it is recently new to me.  I am and was never much of a salsa type of person.  I am willing to try different types of salsa and experience the varieties of tastes that there are.  But, I guess that I never really liked it because of the spicy taste that it does have.  Even if it is not that spicy, it just does not go well with me.  I am not used to eating anything spicy at all and I try to stay away from it because of personal reasons.  So far, I would have to say that Mango Salsa is my favorite thus far.

My name is Ivelisse and my background is Puertorican and Ecuadorian.  But, I was raised more on the Puertorican side.  I am very into healthy eating and living and I just absolutely love it.  Academically, I always do my best and look upon my future as a Registered Dietician.  I am a musician and I am totally in love with music.  My main instrument is the drum-set but I also play a little bit of the guitar and piano.  One of my favorite things is roller coasters.  I can go on these everyday and all day long.  Especially, if it’s for the ride El Torro.  I also love to make people laugh at any chance in the day that I am able to.

What is Bruce Lee’s favorite drink?


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